When the DIY is a reason for living

Ivan Owen created the first community for 3D printed hands: “e-NABLE -Enabling the future”. 

This all started in 2011 when he posted a short video on Youtube on his metal functional puppet hand. This led to an email from a carpenter, Richard, hailing from South Africa, creating the first collaboration via skype and email to produce various prototypes and designs of hands.

Skilling and learning through digital DIY

In this blog post, we’d like to show our preliminary reflections on the opportunity provided by the analysis of the current trend of digital fabrication-based DIY – or simply of digital DIY – for a better understanding of the acquisition and development of key competences for the next century citizens and workers.

The political side of DiDIY

  • Posted on: 2 December 2015
  • By: lmari

In the last days I attended two political events, where I had been invited to give talks on the innovation related to and triggered by digital manufacturing. In both cases my presentation emphasized that a significant novelty of what is happening is that the (possibly) forthcoming industrial revolution has (also) bottom-up drivers (the example of Raspberry Pi Zero, a computer priced 5 euros, impressed the audiences), and that the Digital Do It Yourself phenomenon is an excellent case of this.

Drone regulations for DIY drones

Drones are a clear example of Digital DIY: many people engage in making their own drones, often based on shared designs - as Open Source Hardware. And they are a case of Atoms-Bits Convergence (ABC), as the bits move the atoms when piloting such machine; in the oppositie sense it also holds true: many drones are being equiped with digital cameras that convert atoms into bits.