From Naples to the stratosphere and back... with Digital DIY

(Preface: we visited Maker Faire Rome 2016, and invited the most interesting Digital DIY projects we found there to present themselves here on the DiDIY blog. We are happy to do so (SEE BELOW!), because on one hand, it helps us to collect relevant material for our mission, all in one place. On the other, it helps all our readers to understand how wide and dynamic the Digital DIY phenomenon is.

Request for Comments: Report "Dominant Legal Challenges and Solutions Practised"

Part of our work for the Digital DIY project is to study the legal challenges in this context. We have published a first report that we hereby present to you with a strong request for comments. We hope this one not to go in just another EC drawer but to be useful for the makers, policymakers, enterpreneurs and educators who are confronted with these challenges.

Here's a quick overview of the main research topics that we have identified and addressed in this work.