The DiDIY Manifesto: Reaping the Benefits of Digital DIY

The Digital DIY Project has developed a Creative Society Manifesto that identifies and explores 5 key areas and 12 key aspects, based on our research findings, that need to be considered for society to reap the full benefits of digital DIY. It says there is a need:

• To promote opportunities for a thriving circuit of sharing, learning, and inspiration in all Digital DIY cultures and explore alternate forms of creative platform – online, offline, and interlinked – which offer new opportunities to make, share, connect, include, and inspire.

• To diversify notions of ‘making’ to include a greater range of tools, practices, and interests (and therefore more radically diverse ‘makerspaces’) and support growth of community making in a diverse range of locations that attract people of different backgrounds and interests, considering creating spaces and facilities for making in library, museum, school, and other civic developments.

• To value the Digital DIY spirit of innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship, and support grassroots and entrepreneurial initiatives, for example supporting new business models based on sharing of knowledge, collaborative making, and the circular economy. To support education, learning, and continuing professional development which will enhance the collaborative and entrepreneurial DiDIY spirit within companies.

• To enable more people to experience the enhanced well-being reported by makers, associated with close social interaction, creative problem-solving, and greater creative confidence. To embrace and enhance the role of Digital DIY in realising sustainable futures.

• To use open standards to drive innovation, and ensure that regulations on product safety and intellectual property do not stifle creativity. To make responsible use of Digital DIY, respecting other citizens’ rights, increasing meaningful participation, and contributing to positive societal development.

The Creative Society Manifesto: Deliverable 5.4