Copyright Extension "assault" to Digital DIY

An important development (*) that may have serious impacts on many forms of Digital DIY:

[In July 2016] the UK government extended copyright for designs from 25 years to the life of the designer plus 70 years. In practice, this is likely to mean a copyright term of over 100 years for furniture and other designed objects.

Large dataset of.. Objects shows relevance of DiDIY project

We just discovered a very interesting project, which is also one more great proof that the DiDIY project is indeed researching a hot topic, one that will force society to rethink and update laws and norms in many fields, from "intellectual property" to product liability: how does life change, when practically everybody can manufacture copies of ANY PHYSICAL OBJECT?

UK makes private copying illegal again

Thanks to the music industry, it is illegal to make private copies of music — again, at least in the UK. While in most countries the making of copies for personal use (of your own music, films...) is exempt from copyright control, the UK has tried to introduce such exemption, but the judicial review has withdrawn this regulation.