Digital DIY and Creative Society: Video Series

These six videos explore the culture and ethos of Digital DIY. Each video looks at a key aspect that emerged during the case study research, in terms of broad social impact and through the first-hand accounts of leading voices within the field. Interviewees were chosen to represent a cross-section of makers, innovators, entrepreneurs who are closely involved with DiDIY activities, creativity and creative platforms, both online and offline. The videos aim to provide insight and understanding of this emerging sector from the viewpoint of participants.

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Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a more and more important socio-technological phenomenon in which the widespread, continuously growing availability of digital manufacturing devices, and of the related knowledge and data through open online communities makes new opportunities and threats emerge, affecting not only individuals but also local communities.

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The phenomenon of Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) brings disruptive innovations which affect professional producers as well as everyday citizens. Online connectivity, digital production and rapid prototyping enable people to create, promote and distribute all kinds of intangible and physical things where previously this would have been difficult or impossible.