Introducing DiDIY D3.2: Integrative Modelling (Work and Organization)

Integrative modelling is a term coined to describe a particular way of simulation modelling, where researchers take data from a wide variety of sources (e.g. interviews with experts, literature reviews, excerpts from statistical databases, or surveys of the public) in order to develop a detailed simulation model. Such a model could be said to "integrate" the available data.

Are you a Union representative?

This is one of the roles that will be more affected by the DiDIY phenomenon. Most of the typical union themes are obsolete. For example: physical protection, roles and career definition, training and development plans, alienation, depersonalization stress, repetitiveness of actions, working time, control, collective representation.

Since the content of the professional activity is undergoing radical changes, so the Union Representative role must change. The DiDIY project addresses this issue and attempts to provide guidelines to answer to several questions: