Are you a Trade Union representative?

DiDIY is also about changing work practices, and the DiDIYer is a persona with an innovative mindset.

Trade Unions need to understand this transformations in order to be coherent with their role of supporting and protecting workers in a changing social and economical environment.
In the context where the DiDIY phenomenon is apparent, workers are qualified by entrepreneurship, proactivity, autonomy, computational thinking. In such contexts  most of the typical union themes are obsolete. For example: physical protection, roles and career definition, training and development plans, alienation, depersonalization stress, repetitiveness of actions, working time, control, and even collective representation.

Since the content of the professional activity is undergoing radical changes, so the Union Representative role must change.

Is there a concrete risk of critical job losses due to the DIDIY phenomenon? Watch the presentation on DIDIY reshaping work, at the DiDIY final conference, in Milan (June 2017).

Are you interested in understanding how workers in manufacturing firms, typical subjects of Unions, are changing their role? Read the conference paper Makers in the Plant?

Do workers still need a collective representation? Take a look at these videos explaining the relevance of Creativity and of Communities for the DiDIY workers.

For more information about how DiDIY may change the future of work, and what Trade Unions may do about it, please see our introduction page to DiDIY and Work.