another frontier for Digital DIY: a robot arm on every desk?

"Thirty years ago, Bill Gates promised to put a computer on every desk in America. Maybe not long in the future, you will see a robot arm on every desk too."

This is the vision that UFACTORY hopes to realize with their 209USD personal robotic assistant called uArm Swift, which they say is "quiet, smooth and accurate enough to handle delicate tasks such as: Drawing, Laser engraving, Light painting", not to mention very easy to use, and Open Source.

We have already pointed out several times, during our research (for example here) that the most far-reaching impacts of Digital DIY may be through other technologies than "standard" 3D printing. Could robotic arms like these, if capable of handling different tasks reliably, and easy enough for the average home "DiDIY-er", contribute to such impacts?

(come to discuss this and other parts of our research at the DiDIY Final Conference!)