Arrhenius: a Digital DIY body wrap that warms you up

(this is a guest post by the Arrhenius team, whom we met at the Rome Maker Faire 2016)

Arrhenius Wear is a neoprene hot body wrap, which includes a Nichel-Chromium band that can heat up thanks to a simple set of three 3,7 V and 2500 mAh batteries set in a special case.

This products wants to solve all the problems linked to cold weather, and has been designed to drape comfortably around those sections of the body which are usually more sensitive to low temperatures.

Arrhenius Wear is a project by the students of the Giovanni XXIII high school in Rome:

In 2016 Arrhenius won the ‘Chimicamente’ contest launched by BASF Corporation and has also been displayed at Rome Maker Faire. We aim to set up ad open source fablab at ‘Giovanni XIII’ , high school in Rome available to all those who want to test it, in order to improve our products and to develop groundbreaking ideas to the benefit of the school and the area itself in which our school is located .
Our dream is to create an open and virtual space in which everybody can express their own creativity and, at the same time, can learn ‘by doing’ . We are forerunners because we have used , to make this project happen , the various skills provided to the students by the subjects taught at our high school. To know more about Arrhenius, please visit our website.