DiDIY lets every child ride a bicycle

DiDIY (Digital DIY) makes it possible to create unique products for people with unique needs. We discussed this topic just a few days ago, by looking at the MakeToCare contest. Now another wonderful example is Lorenzo's custom bike, designed and manufactured by his terapists and the makers of OpenDot, the Milan makerspace that we visited last year:

Lorenzo is 6 years old, is afflicted by a complex neurologic disease that makes most daily actions, including riding a bike, quite difficult for him. But co-design and digital fabrication, by the team of his therapists and the OpenDot makers, made it possible to produce, with DiDIY CNC machines, a bike that is:

  • custom made for Lorenzo's own posture and body measures
  • fully compatible with his actual possibilities of movement
  • easily adaptable to other children with similar, but different illnesses and body measures
  • only one of several objects produced by OpenDot in the same way, for the same reasons