Digital DIY tools that "make an entrepreneur of every maker"

If you read our recent posts 3D printing meeting assembly lines, or coming support for on-demand, distributed Digital DIY, you will immediately understand why we consider proposals like Evezor very interesting windows on important changes that may the economy, in Europe and elsewhere, relatively soon. Evezor is:

  • "One [single] robot that can carve, draw, engrave, pour, pick, place, cut, weld, print, grab, mill, assemble"
  • fully Open Source, and therefore presented as "the most hackable robotic arm there is. Evezor can share and automate the hand tools you already own and with open toolhead platform, anyone can make tools for this machine"
  • "[able to] make prototypes... then seamlessly scale up to production with the same tool, [opening] the door to the entrepreneurial world for every maker".

How will tools like Evezor change the world of artisans, and Small/Medium Enterprises in the manufacturing sector? Please let us know your opinion, and participate to our Final Conference to discuss this and related topics in our "Makers at Work" workshop!