Encouraging words for DiDIY Project at European Maker Week 2016

The European Maker Week 2016 is "a celebration of makers and innovators" taking place all over Europe from May 30th to June 5th. Yesterday, while following its opening conference via Twitter, we read several tweets that in our opinion confirm the relevance and timeliness of our research, and therefore will be a powerful stimulus for all of us in the next months (*). Here are a few samples, edited for clarity:
  • Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission is saying that Makers are the real changemakers, digital manufacturing is imperative for EU to keep going (@ursulapala)
  • DG CONNECT Fully supports Makers movement, states Roberto Viola (@ursulapala)
  • DIY boosted by digital technologies - Makers, this week is yours! Roberto Viola
  • "Makers movement and the Future of Europe": now on stage at #EMWeek16 Markku Markkula, president of the EU Committee of the Regions (@EUmakerweek)
  • "This is a waking-up call for us, in Brussels, because we had not perceived that makers are such a big community", says Isidro Laso (Head Startup Europe, European Commission) (@RiccardoLuna)
  • Good to hear Isidro Laso wants to create a network of makers! (@IsabelAllaert)

Other relevant tweets that we saw yesterday are about the general role of Digital DIY in education, and in the european society:

  • "We need to transform education by making, the only kids not making are kids that aren't exposed to making" Dale Dougherty, Founder of MAKE Magazine (@IsabelAllaert)
  • Riccardo Luna 'Makers are in the European DNA and in our future - better futures and sharing knowledge!' (@sfnohohon)
  • Great to hear from @mbanzi that there really is "a European way to making"(@tommaso_eun)
  • Riccardo Luna remembers that EU is THE place of #digitalmanufacturing (@ursulapala)

(*) PS: we may still have some time available to visit everybody in Bruxelles interested to know more about our work, on June 1st (and maybe 2nd too).