Farewell from the DiDIY Project

The DiDIY Project officially ended on June 30th, 2017, after the DiDIY Conference in Milan. The two and a half years of our research have been intense, but really worth the effort, if we may say so. We feel that, in the course of our work, we have found, researched, produced and shared a lot of useful stuff, like our Manifesto, Guidance Manual, Fact Sheets and all the other documents listed in our Final Conference and Official Results pages.

While the Project as such is finished, our activity and interest in Digital DIY and its value for society are not. We will all continue in several ways to work in this area, and welcome invitations to discuss how to do it together with new partners, and in new context. Please contact us to talk about it!

Last but not least, please...

  • sign, and invite others to sign, our DiDIY Manifesto!
  • explore, share, reuse (and let us know how you do it!) all the stuff we presented at the Final DiDIY Conference
  • note that, while the slides of that conference are already available at the link above, the video clips still aren't, but will be published on our Vimeo channel as soon as possible.
  • Our Facebook and Twitter accounts will be frozen in late September 2017, but please continue follow them until then for the last announcements about the videos, and other material.

Thanks, and see you soon!

The DiDIY Project Team