"I love that math concepts can be visualized in this way"

"I love that these maths concepts are able to be visualised by #3dprinting #maths #STEAM", says Twitter user Emma Love of the Thingiverse designs created by Henry Segerman. So do we, and it is one of the reasons why we study Digital DIY in Education. It is much easier to understand the link between a mathematical equation and its geometrical counterpart when you can actually hold the latter in your hands, and look into it. Or see and touch how, and consequently understand why, the shape changes when you change one parameter of that equation.

The best part is that, of course, this approach, and its benefits, can be extended to many other fields of teaching: geography, history, natural sciences, arts!!! Not to mention that it can happen by means of synergies between high and lower schools, where the oldest students build their 3D printers and produce the educational material for their younger "colleagues"! If you know of any real-world example of such activities, please let us know.