Info request: Digital DIY support and awareness in Europe

The objectives of the Digital DIY (DiDIY) project include studying the current:

  1. “digital competences” programs, Digital Agendas and other "Digital DIY-related" relevant policies of EU member states;
  2. current best practices in Digital DIY promotion and policy making in and outside EU and the corresponding results, when already available;
  3. level of knowledge and usage of DiDIY in EU SMEs, crafts and agriculture sectors
  4. general Digital DIY support and awareness in Europe

We are well aware that much, if not the great majority of current material of this kind (including, and this is the main problem, the mere mentions of it, and of the corresponding contact information!), is scattered in websites or offline documents in many languages, covering many, sometimes apparently unrelated topics as: Lifelong Learning, Smart Cities and Transition Towns, Open Hardware, P2P economy, SME support, resilience...

Therefore, while we are already collecting as much material as we can about Digital DIY support and awareness in Europe...

...we do need everybody's help to make sure that we are not missing anything relevant, as follows:

  • please let us know of any study, document, community, project or other resource about points 1-4 above. Any pointer is welcome, even those to resources you may think "they already know for sure"
  • please translate this request in your language and put it online where you prefer, with a link to this page (a French version is already online here)
  • please share online this and any of its translations as much as you see fit

Thank you in advance for your support,

The DiDIY project