Introducing DiDIY 3.4: DiDIY impact on Creative Design and Work

DiDIY Deliverable 3.4, On “Creative design and work”, presents the results of the co-design workshops organized for the “DiDIY reshaping organization and work” subject area of the DiDIY project. The first objective of the two workshops is to emphatically involve Makers to disclose the elements of DiDIY they find fundamental for their experience and knowledge. The second objective is developing a “design toolkit”, i.e. a model of a design process and the related tools. Specifically, the model is intended to provide solutions for stimulating and engaging people in the application of DiDIY in their own professional field, to generate innovation and new competences.

To operationalize the model, a set of designed tools and activities have been implemented based on the outcomes of a series of workshop sessions.