Introducing DiDIY D4.2 “Complementing background knowledge”

Having a clear picture of the current situation of DiDIY and education was paramount to inform the activities of the DiDIY project. For this reason, we interviewed selected individuals (members of national educational agencies, teachers and educators, and organizers of competitions linked to DiDIY activities) to collect first-hand data on educational experiences making use of new digital technologies. By means of semi-structured interviews, we asked people their views and opinions about the hypotheses, goals and, strategies leading the application of DiDIY-related technologies in education and research, and of the concrete developments of these applications.

This work is documented in our report "D4.2 Integration of background knowledge", which is the direct continuation of the work began with "D4.1 Research space and agents", to which is strictly linked. The Dimensions identified and investigated include: the role of creativity and sharing; the role of teachers and learning flows; how is school as institution responding to the use of DiDIY; DiDIY, gender issues, and special education.

The results were elaborated and presented in the document, and formed the basis of further work (see "D4.4 Results derived from data collection and analysis").