Introducing DiDIY D4.8: Integrative Modelling (Research and Organization)

This deliverable provides a stepping stone between the work done in WP 4 and WP 7. While WP 4 is looking at how DiDIY is reshaping education and research, WP 7 deals with developing so-called integrative simulation models. Such models try to “integrate” a wide range of data in order to arrive at a detailed formal description of a particular topic or research question.

In the context of DiDIY and education, research questions relate e.g. to the adoption of new technologies or pedagogical tools. Thanks to the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, learners are much more involved in exchanging information and knowledge than ever before. The data collection study undertaken in WP 4 has highlighted the importance of sharing ideas, knowledge, and/or tools and the possible change in the flow of learning from the traditional teacher-student direction to a more student-centred, peer-to-peer learning flow.  

The main part of the deliverable summarises the relevant results and outlines a plan for how these results may be investigated with an integrative model. This model will concentrate on the issues of sharing and learning flow using the available data, which brings together expert opinions from interviews with important representatives of the DiDIY domain, and online questionnaires sampling the opinions of students and teachers.