Large dataset of.. Objects shows relevance of DiDIY project

We just discovered a very interesting project, which is also one more great proof that the DiDIY project is indeed researching a hot topic, one that will force society to rethink and update laws and norms in many fields, from "intellectual property" to product liability: how does life change, when practically everybody can manufacture copies of ANY PHYSICAL OBJECT?

The project we're talking about is the "A Large Dataset of Object Scans" by Redwood Data, and this is how they present it:

"We have created a dataset of more than ten thousand 3D scans of real objects [by means of recruited operators, who] scanned objects of their choosing, outside the laboratory and without direct supervision by computer vision professionals. The result is a large and diverse collection of object scans: from shoes, mugs, and toys to grand pianos, construction vehicles, and large outdoor sculptures. We worked with an attorney to ensure that data acquisition did not violate privacy constraints. The acquired data was irrevocably placed in the public domain".

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