Meet the DiDIY project in Bruxelles!

Next month, on June 2nd and 3rd, we of the DiDIY Project will meet in Bruxelles for our internal meetings.

As we did in the past on similar occasions, we want to use this visit also to meet everybody in the area who is interested in discussing Digital DIY and its impacts, for better or for worse, on the future of European Society. One of the outcomes of our research will be just to provide "transferable information, models and guidelines" about Digital DIY for European educators and policy makers, so what better place to discuss this than in Bruxelles?

Therefore, some of us will be in in town all of June 1st, exactly to meet everybody, from local makers to MEPs, who is interested in discussing the impacts of Digital DIY on society. If you are interested in participating in, or co-organizing, such a meeting, please contact us. To have a better idea of what we may talk about, and of what we already found out in similar occasion, please read:

As soon as details of the several meetings are set, we will add them her. So, please stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


Image credit: Wikipedia