Meet the DiDIY project in Budapest!

On September 1st, the DiDIY Project will participate to the International Degrowth Conference in Budapest, with a talk titled "The Digital DIY phenomenon: challenge or opportunity for degrowth?"

One of the final outcomes of our research will be just to provide "transferable information, models and guidelines" about Digital DIY for European educators and policy makers. Therefore, as we did in the past on similar occasions, we would like to use our stay in Budapest also to visit everybody in the area who is interested in discussing Digital DIY and its impacts, for better or for worse, on the future of European Society.

Whoever is interested in such a visit (or in organize a public meeting on the same topics, with our participation) during the days of the Degrowth Conference, please contact us directly, or through Twitter, or Facebook.

To have a better idea of what we may talk about, please read these reports of what we discussed and found about, in similar occasions, in Barcelona, Rome, Veneto and Greece.