Meeting all makers and DiDIY advocates in Thessaloniki

(update 2016/2/2: please see details of TWO public meetings below!)

On February 4th and 5th, 2016, the DiDIY Project will have a general meeting hosted by its ACT partner in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Some of us will also be in Thessaloniki all of February 3rd, and we would REALLY like to use that day to meet as many people interested in Digital DIY as possible, including, but not limited to: makers, teachers, local public administrators, artists and NGOs. We'd like to discuss together the challenges and opportunities that DiDIY brings to society, the same ones we just summarized in some short fact sheets, and generally discuss in our blog. To contact the Project, come to one of the two meetings listed below, or just use our contact form. See you in Thessaloniki!

Meeting details

  1. Wednesday February 3rd, 15:30 (ACT, Bissell Library, Ground Floor)
  2. Wednesday February 3rd, 19:00 (Iωνος Δραγoύμη 39, Θεσσαλονίκη 546 25, 6th floor). Other details about this meeting are in this other announce.