Please sign the Digital DIY Manifesto!


Do It Yourself – DIY – happens when people and communities just go ahead and make something for themselves, without waiting for a professional or for permission. Digital DIY is the huge boost to this activity – and the associated ‘can do’ mindset – facilitated by digital technologies, through the sharing of designs, tools, support, and inspiration.

During their research, the DiDIY partners found that, for society to reap the full benefits of Digital DIY there is a need to promote, support and use Digital DIY in several ways, that are described DiDIY Guidance e-manual, and summarised in our Digital DIY Manifesto.

The DiDIY Project as such ended in June 2017 (*), but the importance of supporting Digital DIY remains. For this reason, the DiDIY Project kindly asks everybody interested in the potential of Digital DIY to sign the Manifesto through this form, which will accept signatures until September 3rd, 2017, and then will be presented to the European Commission. Please share this invitation to sign the Manifesto on social networks, and with everybody who may be interested.


Thanks for your support,

The DiDIY Project


(*) Even if the project ended in June 2017, its partners will continue to work on Digital DIY! To know how and stay in touch, please contact us!