On using simulation to understand Digital Do-It-Yourself (DiDIY 3.2)

One of the innovative aspects of the DiDIY Project is the use of simulation modelling. This complements the results of the various aspect-specific Work Packages by employing formal models linking the complex factors involved in the complex of phenomena we call “Digital Do It Yourself”. The aim is to relate some of these different aspects and factors within dynamic and complex formal descriptions – agent-based simulations. This is thoroughly explained by Deliverable D3.2, Integrative modelling (work and organization), that introduces the simulation framework used to support the integrative modelling for the whole DiDIY Project and presents its first application to some topics related to WP3.

The specific purpose of this model is to provide the simulation infrastructure needed to describe the activity of “Making”. The model describes individuals using resources they can find in their environment plus other objects that other individuals might sell or give them, to design, construct and deconstruct items, some of which will be of direct use to themselves, some of which they might sell or give to others and some of which might be used as a tool to help in these activities.