WOVNS: Bringing Personal Fabrication to Jacquard-Woven Textiles

Digital DIY can transform, and make it accessible to the masses, virtually any productive activity. Especially when it is not, strictly speaking, 100% DIY but, being digital, it makes somebody else's machines easily usable, on-demand, through the Internet ("cloud manufacturing"?). And even in sectors considered, until now, as "low tech" ones. The rest of this guest post, by the founders and managers of Wovns, is a good example of these possibilities (emphasis is ours).

WOVNS, founded by twin sisters Dena and Chelsea Molnar, was created to enable artists, designers, businesses, and hobbyists to produce small runs of custom woven fabric at a reasonable price. The web based platform takes an industrial manufacturing process, Jacquard weaving, and makes it accessible to everyone.

Similar to platforms like Shapeways or OSH Park, WOVNS allows individuals to upload digital design files and get them translated into custom products, in this case woven textiles. WOVNS currently offers fabric qualities suitable for applications like upholstery, pillows, bags, scarves, throws, dresses, and other home decor and soft goods products. Jacquard-woven fabric is great for both custom DIY projects and for those looking to make unique textile products.

Historically access to Jacquard weaving has required large manufacturing minimums and insider connections, but by intelligently aggregating orders from many people, WOVNS makes it possible to efficiently weave as little as one yard of a given design. In short, WOVNS takes the idea of “power in numbers” and applies it to textile production.

The company's founders are very excited to share WOVNS with the Maker & DIY community and are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign that will provide backers with early access to the full platform. To learn more please visit their website, where you'll find information about the process of designing your own textiles, and fabric qualities available as well as a range of tutorials.