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Creativity is widely seen as a core ability for the transformation of both businesses and society as a whole. Digital DIY, building on the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement, may stimulate and support creativity of both professional producers and everyday citizens, bringing changes not simply to “how we make things” but, eventually, also to “how we do things”, in society. A more detailed description of how the DiDIY Project approached the opportunities of DiDIY for a more creative society is in a separate page.

To understand DiDIY and creativity, the potential social impact of DiDIY and for information about many new initiatives such as makerspaces and online ‘platforms for creativity’ we suggest you look at the following studies, proposals and other resources by the DiDIY Project, listed here from the least to the most complex:

FACTSHEET on: Impact of DiDIY on Creative Society

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VIDEOs: Creative Society Video series:

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DiDIY and Creativity, (p125- 135).

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