DiDIY Rights and Obligations (Legal)

As explained in Work Package 6, we will study the rights and responsibilities that users and producers of DiDIY technologies have and how current legislation affects them and vice versa.

- This WP 6 is connected to the 'Transversal Task' Digital DIY and Ethics. -

In July 2015 we ran a co-design workshop with the whole DiDIY team to collaboratively explore the main issues to explore in this wide field. We have made a list of the identified challenges. These will be further developed in memos, papers, book chapters and will be present in the final report delivered to the EC. Here follows the current list and we welcome you to share any relevant cases along these lines with us (see at the bottom):
  • Product liability
  • medical DIY of self-printed organs
  • vehicle safety regulations
  • Liability when injuries occur when using designs, machines, spaces from others
  • DIY vs contracting a service
  • member-based spaces and tools
  • consumerism vs. prosumers / DIY
Ownership of Digital DIY resources
  • commons based networks vs private networks
  • open standard protocols
  • open design / open source hardware
  • Free Software and Open Source Software → What is it? What business models?
  • Open Data
Exclusive rights (IPR), licensing and exemptions
  • Ownership and licensing, Intellectual monopolies
  • Copyrights, design rights, patents and trademarks
  • Exemptions / fair use
  • Main differences between different national legislations.
  • Digital Commons refer to expressions or resources in digital format that are shared by and for the community. Typically a «license» is used. We can distinguish between «free», «open»  and «closed» licenses. Copyleft licensing and virality: how does it work in the physical world?
3D Printing of exclusively protected products
  • for personal, non-commercial use
  • when repairing your own product
  • when uploading CAD files
  • when downloading CAD files
IoT and privacy & anonymity
  • control of personal data
  • full disclosure: the threat of unraveling privacy in the signalling economy
  • anonymity
Pathogens and 3D printed guns
  • the end of gun control?
  • dangers of «dangerous information»
  • The ethics of sharing and helping others (solidarity)
  • The reputation economy (honesty, skills)
  • Equality in a network society (equity)
  • No need to ask for permission (free-as-in-freedom, autonomy)
Blockchain technologies for distributed applications
  • What are SmartContracts and how can they be used in the context of Digital DIY?
  • What legal challenges are rising and can be expected?
  • What are Distributed Collaborative Organisations (DCOs) and how can they be seen in the context of Digital DIY?
  • What legal challenges can be expected?
DIY Drones
  • aviation rules
  • liability

Please notice that our scope is limited to Digital DIY. Any cases that you would like to contribute, please let us know! We'll filter and publish useful contributions.