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The phenomenon of Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) brings disruptive innovations which affect professional producers as well as everyday citizens. Online connectivity, digital production and rapid prototyping enable people to create, promote and distribute all kinds of intangible and physical things where previously this would have been difficult or impossible.

Everyday DiDIY also offers the possibility of boosting creativity across society, bringing more innovative designers and thinkers into industry and the economy. However, such changes do not occur simply because new technologies exist – we need to consider and plan such transformations with care and with research.

The DiDIY Project has explored the ways in which innovation can be fostered and developed in ways that will support the development of worthwhile and creative uses of these technologies.

To understand DiDIY and creativity, the potential social impact of DiDIY and for information about many new initiatives such as makerspaces and online ‘platforms for creativity’ we suggest you look at the following studies, proposals and other resources by the DiDIY Project, listed here from the least to the most complex:

FACTSHEET on: Impact of DiDIY on Creative Society

DiDIY VOCABULARY KEYWORDS: Do It Yourself-er, DIYer, maker, DiDIY mindset, Maker culture, Maker ethos, Makerspace, hackerspace

VIDEOs: Creative Society Video series:

Examples from the DiDIY POLICY PATTERNS wiki:

DiDIY Project Official Deliverables:


DiDIY and Creativity, (p125- 135).