Ethics of Digital Do-It-Yourself

- The risks, social impact and ethical problems of Digital DIY are researched within the European research project Digitial DIY in "Horizon 2020" (2015-2017, 2.1M€). These issues are tackled by the research team of Prof. Vincent C. Müller ( and Dr. Alexandre Erler at Anatolia College/ACT in Thessaloniki -

  1. Brief Explanation of the ethical issues
  2. The initial setup of ethics in DiDIY
  3. Policy patterns for ethical & legal issues that we identified
  4. Our DiDIY blog posts (inverse chronological order)
    1. DiDIY and product liability
    2. Some more thoughts on controlling the spread of digital information online
    3. It has happened: A legal ban on digital DIY files
    4. The ethics of 3D bioprinting
    5. The new digital revolution of Do-It-Yourself making: Research project on ethical impact at Anatolia College/ACT
    6. Digitally manufactured weapons: can they be controlled?
    7. The end of gun control: Digital DIY [with update]
  5. Literature on ethics of DiDIY
  6. Work in DiDIYtagged 'ethics' (esp. blog posts)