How to participate

  • all course activities happen in/through this forum, on which you can post only after logging in
  • but please keep in mind that all the content of the forum, as well as material produced in the exercises, will be public, and viewable by anyone, including search engines, under the same license as the rest of this website (see footer)! prodotto nelle esercitazioni

Course goals

  • for participants: understand the DigitalDIY phenomenon, and its medium/long term consequences for european society, as clearly as possible, without being an expert or researcher of the field, but beyond the hype and superficial descriptions sometimes found in social network and mainstream media. In order for this to happen, it is ESSENTIAL that you actively participate in the forum, also, and especially, by directly starting and engaging in, direct discussions with other participants (of course, a DiDIY project member will always participate into the same discussions, and facilitate them)
  • for the DiDIY Project: spread basic knowledge on these themes, and collect both suggestions and real world experiences from the field, that we will use as input to write our final policy guidelines for EU educators and decision makers, but also to prepare future, more in -depth courses


There is no strict, formal schedule, because this is an experimental course. Our suggestion is to proceed in the same sequence presented in the course introduction page, focusing every 2/3 days on one single module, and then moving to the next, in order to finish around the end of December, 2016. However, it is certainly possible (if not recommended...) to go back in any moment to any of the other modules, that is ask further questions and propose further discussions. As first thing, however, we heartily recommend to start with a self-introduction post, to tell us a bit about your background,your specific interest in Digital DIY and what you expect to learn from this course.


Email and other personal data of course participants are not shared by the DiDIY project with any third party. We only use those data to contact the participants , and to measure participation to the course itself. Participants are only "visible" from the Web by the account name assigned by the DiDIY website administrator when their user account is created. It is the responsibility of each participant to not publish in the forum (which, again, will be readable by everybody online, including search engines) personal identification data, unless they actually want to do so. It is also up to each participant to not publish in this forum or in the exercises, personal data of third parties, unless the participant has got their explicit consent. For any clarification or doubt about this privacy policy, please don't hesitate to ask by replying to this post!

Happy course!