The Horizon 2020 "Digital Do It Yourself" Project is up and running, and welcomes your contribution

Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a new socio-technological phenomenon, centered around digital devices that support, often through open online communities, the convergence of "atoms" and "bits".

DiDIY-related technologies and social practices enable the low cost prototyping and manufacturing of physical artefacts from digital specifications. They can lead to new scenarios in the roles and relations among individuals, organizations, and society, in which new opportunities and threats emerge accordingly.

The DiDIY Research Project, which addresses the Horizon 2020 call for a "Human-centric Digital Age", is studying how DiDIY and the increasing social adoption of ABC devices are:

  • reshaping organization, work, education, research and creative design
  • impacting on creative society,
  • influencing legal systems,
  • changing ethics.

Goal of the Project, which is carried out by an international Consortium of seven Partners through a multidisciplinary team, is to produce well-grounded models and guidelines to support both education and policy making on DiDIY, intended as an ongoing phenomenon that, while surely enabled by technology, should be driven and shaped by social and cultural strategies, not technology.

The DiDIY Project, which started at the beginning of 2015 and has a duration of 30 months, is now ready to collect as much DiDIY-related information as possible, and to explore ways to collaborate with other people, projects and communities interested in Digital DIY, from educators to makers and public administrators. You are welcome to join the public DiDIY forum (CLOSED IN AUGUST 2017!) and to signal DiDIY events, or other resources of all sorts.

For any other information, or to know more about the DiDIY project, please contact us.