Anatolia College

Amerikaniko Kollegio Anatolia (Anatolia College) is a private, non-profit integrated educational institution which was established in 1886 in Merzifon (Asia Minor), and relocated to Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1924. Anatolia College is governed by a Board of Trustees, headquartered in Boston, Mass. It is now the leading educational institution in northern Greece, with significant reach to the southern Balkans. From its beginnings, AC has offered education on all levels, from elementary school to high-school and university-level. Its student population is around 2500 FTE in all. The higher education division, ACT, offers four-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs and a 1-2 year MBA. AC has significant experience in handling and coordinating large research projects; its organisational and accounting structure is lean and efficient. It is annually audited as a non-profit organisation by KPMG.

In DiDIY, Anatolia works primariliy on the transversal tasks of ethics, societal risks and policy. The team consists of Alexandre Erler and Vincent C. Müller.