D6.5 Use of open standards and collaboration tools

One of the objectives of WP6 is to "assure the dissemination of the Project results under free licenses and open standard formats, and its raw data as Open Data."

Within WP6 there is one task dedicated to this and two deliverables. Task 6.3. Policies for open dissemination of DiDIY Project results (M2-M26) (Leader: FKI)
This Task will formulate a set of policies for the Consortium with respect to the development and publication of results of the Project. In line with various guidelines and recommendations of the Commission, the Consortium considers that the results should be equally accessible and  reusable by all European citizens and organisations. Therefore the Project work will be published under free/open licenses and its raw data as Open Data, conforming to the EU directive on reuse of PSI information (Directive 2003/98/EC), thus facilitating the reuse and  distribution by any interested party. This WP will develop a set of internal guidelines for effective collaboration, respecting a diverse group of participants with a range of different computer software and practices. Therefore open standard formats would be encouraged as to ensure the diversity of applications used.

The two related deliverables are the following:

In this document (PDF, 290 kB) the second of the two deliverables is reported.