DiDIY Work Package 8: Dissemination, future roadmap and sustainability

The general aim of this WP is to integrate and build on the findings of all the other WPs, as well as on the specific findings of the WP itself (see below), in order to produce a roadmap and several reports and other tools directed towards:

  • Favouring the widest exploitation of the project results beyond the Project itself, in order to increase the awareness in EU of both the potentials and the risks of DiDIY for widespread socioeconomic development;

  • Widening as much as possible the DiDIY stakeholder base, from researchers in multiple disciplines to educators, NGOs and SMEs in all sectors of European society and economy, seeking their input from the very beginning (one of the main problems of “digital” technologies is that they are all too often seen as matters that only impact on, or should be exclusively delegated to, “digital specialists”);

  • Promoting and actively supporting the long term, self-sustainable adoption of DiDIY, in ways that minimize its environmental impacts and promote socioeconomic development, exploring when applicable possible synergies with other Horizon2020 programs;

  • Translating the research results into daily life of citizens through the incorporation of the main findings of the Project in policies and a research agenda for education and culture.

The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • To disseminate the project findings amongst the scientific community;

  • To form a critical mass for a permanent DiDIY research network;

  • To translate the scientific results produced by the Project into easily understandable conclusions and recommendations for policy makers;

  • To transfer the knowledge acquired to the wide public in a common and direct language.