Co-Design workshop in DiDIY & Creative Society - Integrated series

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 -
10:00 to 19:30

IDEActivity Center of the Design dept. at Politecnico di Milano opens the call for participation at‘Digital DIY inspiring future’, a full-day workshop as part of the Digital DIY* project activities.

Following a structured path, during the workshop you will have the opportunity to know and apply the innovative aspects of digital technologies of production and sharing (e.g. additive manufacturing and open platforms), in order to develop innovative ideas and projects in a collaborative way. In particular the main objectives are: gain confidence with the topic, identify the main typical factors of DiDIY, launch and solve a design challenge shared with the other participants by using the identified DiDIY factors.

During the workshop you will have the chance to collaborate with other experts in your field and propose a topic for the generation of a design challenge. You will share experiences and information, build knowledge, use a co-design process for idea generation together with your team. You will became part of a european network of people involved in the european context of Digital DIY.

The overall objective is producing guidelines for the European Community and developing a design toolkit, released with a Creative Common license, that will facilitate whoever wants to apply the potential of digital DIY in their own professional field, in order to generate innovation and new competences. You will be active contributor of the guideline and your name will be included in the book that will be delivered to the european commission and among the european network.

IDEActivity Center will facilitate the workshops drawing on approaches and tools of the co-design and design thinking field, which could be used by the participants autonomously once experienced. You will become ambassadors of our method.

01 February / Co-Design workshop on DiDIY & Creative Society

02 February / Co-Design workshop on DiDIY & Legal System

Workshops will last one day, starting from 10 am,lunch will be provided.

They will be hosted by Ateneu de Fabricaciò La Fabriqa del Sol.


Passeig de Salvat Papasseit, 1
08003 Barcelona

Booking is required. Write an email at by 28 January, indicating the workshop that you would like to attend.

Join us, design your challenge!
Hoping to see you there,

IDEActivity Center

*‘Digital Do It Yourself’ ( project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It involves 7 european institute and universities to investigate the impact of this social phenomenon in 4 main areas: education, work, legal system and creative society.