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Do It Yourself – DIY – happens when people and communities just go ahead and make something for themselves, without waiting for a professional or for permission. Digital DIY is the huge boost to this activity – and the associated ‘can do’ mindset – facilitated by digital technologies, through the sharing of designs, tools, support, and inspiration.

MECSPE - Fiere di Parma

Researchers from Lab#ID (at LIUC University) will attend the MEC-SPE Exhibition - area Fabbrica digitale Produzione e logistica, Pad. 5 - H 31) with a desk  where they  will give information on DiDIY project.
Meet them at their desk.

H. 9:00 - 17:30
Fiere di Parma - Viale delle Esposizioni 393A‎ - 43126 Parma PR

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