GULLP Gruppo Utenti Linux Lonate Pozzolo | Volandia Lab

  • Posted on: 15 June 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

GULLP ( Gruppo Utenti Linux Lonate Pozzolo ) is now providing an "hackspace" in Volandia ( the biggest European Flight Museum).

The Lab temporarily labeled "Volandia LAB" is focused on flight technologies, unmanned aerial veihcles, Drones, and all related technologies. We use as well 3D Printing technologies to integrate, produce drone parts and for research scopes. Activities also integrates research and projects in the Internet of Things and Hardware field in general.

DiDIY Objectives

The DiDIY Project intends to develop a human-centric and multi-perspective approach to the scientific study of the transformations generated by the increasing social adoption of atoms-bits convergence (ABC) devices in order to:

Settimana della Scienza Gallarate (Italy)

Settimana della Scienza Gallarate (Varese, Italy)  consists in one week of public initiatives and exhibits aimed at putting in contact science with students and citizens.   It involves schools, institutions, scientists, universities, research centers such as  SmartUp - Laboratorio Fabbricazione Digitale (Università Cattaneo – LIUC) which contributed with a lecture on digital innovation and start-up. All the attendees were involved in a survey on topics relevant to DiDIY project.

More details on the official site .