Project structure

DiDIY Project Approach

The Digital DIY (DiDIY) Project intends to

  • define descriptive concepts and models to characterize the current and prefigure the future developments of the examined transformations, and to identify their implications with regard to the values and competitiveness of European education, research, business and industry, and the related opportunities and threats;

DiDIY and Creative Society


The phenomenon of ‘digital Do It Yourself’ (DiDIY) has much to offer to creative society. By ‘creative society’ we mean the levels of creativity in society – which are vital for both personal well-being and economic growth. The rise of online communication has meant that for many years now creative people have been able to share ideas, have conversations and inspire each other via the internet.

Project structure - WP2

Work Package 2
"Creating and maintaining a shared knowledge framework on DiDIY"

Main objectives

  • To produce a knowledge framework on DiDIY providing a common conceptual and lexical ground to the activities performed in all other WPs by integrating the different competencies of the interdisciplinary project team, in particular by harmonizing languages, approaches and research methodologies.

The DiDIY Project

The DiDIY Project proposal addresses the call ICT 31-2014 Human-centric Digital Age of the Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies, Information and Communication Technologies Horizon 2020 work programme. This page synthesizes the definition of DiDIY from which the Project starts and its objectives, as well as the Project Partners and roadmap.