Introducing DiDIY D4.4 “Results derived from data collection and analysis”

Observing the current situation of formal and informal educational systems across Europe, it emerges that societies have been working to fill the between traditional school education and emerging societal needs by adopting novel, and potentially revolutionizing, solutions. In recent years, a “holistic” approach to education has been gaining momentum.

Are you an educator?

Digital Do-It-Yourself (DiDIY) in the context of education is the activity of building or customizing physical or digital objects and media contents using digital tools, empowering the pupils toward a self-paced educational experience.

Ilaria De Vita

Biomedical engineer graduated at Polytechnic of Milan, with a master specialization in Electronic Technologies.

She worked on a project in collaboration with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) developing a model for the biomechanical analysis of countermeasure exercise on board the International Space Station, in order to prevent the muscle deconditioning in microgravity environment. 

Chiara Barattieri di San Pietro


Chiara holds a BA in Foreign Languages (English and Russian, State University of Verona) and a MA in Liguistics (University of Siena, 2006, with honour). Her research interests focused on language acquisition (L2) and grammar theory (Italian Sign Language). In 2013 she got a Specialization Diploma in Specialistic Terminology (Università Cattolica, Milan).