A DiDIY smartphone "for women, conceived BY women"

Isn't it great when Digital DIY empowers everybody to go beyond stereotypes and make something that really fits their actual interest, priorities and needs?

"this is a device for women conceived by women. It's clearly had a bit more thought put into it than the usual "pink it and shrink it" approach adopted by tech manufacturers trying to appeal to the ladies by fobbing us off with lower-powered devices painted pink.

The Cyrcle is circular to fit into smaller and rounded pockets, or it can be clipped or dangled about your person as a wearable if you prefer, or if your outfit simply doesn't have any pockets.

If you prefer to carry your phone in your handbag or clutch, Cyr also intends the phone to be less distracting by cutting down on the less important notifications that see you constantly having to fetch your phone out of your bag only to find it's not important. Instead, the device would only alert you to messages or updates from an inner circle. In the case of full-time moms like Cyr and Inagawa, that could be the kids and family, but it's up to you who you'd include.

Whatever the state of your pockets, the Cyrcle is a neat example of a device that does things a little differently, conceived by someone who decided to change things for herself."

Congratulations to Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa!

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