Digital DIY in the new Comunificadora edition

The DiDIY Project may be formally over, but DiDIY research, advocacy and implementation continues! FKI, one of the DiDIY Consortium Partners, is also one of the developers of La Comunificadora, the Commons and Collaborative Economy projects incubator by Barcelona Activa, which launched its second edition a few weeks ago, and recently selected which projects it would support. Two of those projects, which are either based directly on DiDIY, or on the open business models that DiDIY makes possible, are listed below. To read the full list of the projects chosen, please see the full announcement on FKI's website.

Technical, social and civic education proposal based on assembly and usage in public spaces of drones, built with Open Hardware and Free Software and controllable with any smartphone. Educaires promotes an open, democratic and inclusive world, which is also safe and stimulating, creating synergies between citizens and technologies, in order to utilize local air spaces in respectful manners.

Ensenya el Cor
A platform to measure the social impact and responsibilities of many economic activities, which takes into account the differences among industrial sectors, as well as the "social balance" and other relevant indicators of a healty solidarity economy. Ensenya el Cor allows all the organizations in this sector to self-evaluate their activities, according to criteria like democracy, equality, environmental impacts and so on, and to immediately share, or analyze in aggregated form, all the data collected through the process.