First online session of the "Introduction to Digital DIY" course

Digital DIY (DiDIY) is the "ensemble of all those manufacturing activities (and mindsets) that are made possible by digital technologies". DiDIY is accessible to more and more people every year, and gives people the opportunity to do things that they could have never done otherwise.

An free online course that introduces the main concepts of DiDIY, the opportunities and risks that it brings to all sectors of society and how (and why) the DiDIY project is studying it, is freely available on this website. This course:

  • has all materials that are published with a Creative Commons License, to encourage maximum reuse and translations in all languages.
  • is aimed to "absolute beginners" of DiDIY: the only prerequisites to follow it are an Internet connection, capability to use any Web browser, and a good knowledge of the English language.
  • The course can be used in full autonomy in any moment, and the text of all modules is also available as one PDF file, usable offline

From July 1st 2016 to July 25th 2016, however, it will be possible to attend a free online session of the course, in which all participants may discuss the DiDIY topics presented in the course in a dedicated online forum, among themselves and with a DiDIY project member acting as tutor. At the end of the session, the content of the forum will be made freely available to all Internet users, under the same privacy policy as the rest of this website. In order to participate to the session, however, that is to access the forum, it is necessary to request an account, and instructions on how to use it, either by email, or through our contact form.

We look forward to meet you in the course forum!

The DiDIY team