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Digital DIY video series: innovators share their views

Listen to Sherry Huss, co-founder of Maker Faire, on the motivations of makers or to Tomas Diez, from the Fab City Research Lab in Barcelona, talking about the Fab City vision of the future. This new series of videos explores the digital DIY phenomenon first hand, through the eyes of leading innovators, entrepreneurs and makers, highlighting the key issues affecting online and offline creative making platforms and digital DIY projects.

Does Making Matter?

Why does making matter to us, either as individual makers or as a society?

This autumn researchers from the University of Westminster are running a series of workshops to explore why making matters to us, the role making plays in society, and the role it could potentially play in the future. Individual workshops will be targeted at big questions such as:

Design and Making in China

What role do makerspaces play in China? How do they relate to the vast making ecosystem of Shenzhen, China’s famous manufacturing city? Why does China need makerspaces at all when making is a ‘national specialism’ and so embedded in both the culture and economy? These were among questions considered at a salon titled ‘On Design and Making in China’ held at the ICA, in London, on 22.4.16



Digital DIY is characterised as a socio-technological phenomenon, bringing together, for example, ABC technologies and online knowledge to create new outcomes. But how far is it a question of Digital Do-It-Yourself or Digital Do-It-With-Others?