"A sweeping democratization in manufacturing"

From this interview to Kadet Kuhne, here is some "food for DiDIY thought and research" that is a good complement to these recent DiDIY activities and invitations:

How would like to see the industry evolve in the future?

With empowered users, it’s my hope that the future will be full of radical thinkers and inventors further shifting the power from corporate entities into our own hands, homes and communities. I’m glad I’m alive in this era to witness what promises to be a sweeping democratization in manufacturing. Additionally, I am eager to see how 3D printing continues to unfold in the art world, as the proliferation of 3D printed objects in galleries in the Bay Area has been thrilling to experience in just the past year!

How could we encourage more women to be come involved with 3D Printing?

The answer to having more women involved with any technologically advancing field is changing the fundamental ways we are taught to think about gender. Women are still seen as less intellectual, capable and driven than men, and are routinely subordinated into lower paying and less powerful positions. To create this change, basic women’s studies and gender theory courses should be a mandatory part of grade school and high school education.