The website has been built using exclusively Free/Open Source Software, namely Drupal 7 running on a Debian VPS.

The website uses a custom Drupal theme directly derivated by the one called Venture, designed by Devsaran, and available under the same license (GPL).

The changes to the theme are the result of a redesign work made by the POLIMI team.

The site has been conceptually designed and implemented by the FKI team, which has provided for the tools and guidance to enable the full consortium to use and directly contribute to the site's contents and encourage interested users to contribute where possible.


The DiDIY website has been partially checked for accessibility using the IDI Web Accessibility Checker and 508checker online tools. Practically all the relevant warnings or non-compliance messages that resulted fit in two main categories, here defined as "minor" and "external":

  • "minor": missing alternative text for non-text content and links, that is textual descriptions of images and links
  • "external": low colour contrast between background and foreground for certain textual elements of the pages.

Warnings of the first category will be gradually fixed by the DiDIY team, when editing/updating the Drupal CMS or single pages. The low colour contrast issue should be fixed when a new version of the Venture theme, from which the one in this site is derived, is released.