Are you a decision maker?

The continuously growing availability of digital Do-It-Yourself manufacturing devices makes new opportunities and threats emerge, from the job market to healthcare, and from education to environmental protection. Therefore, EU, national, and regional lawmakers, and in general all decision makers, both in the public and private sector, will be obliged to deal with DiDIY, each according to their roles and responsibilities.
In order to help them to be prepared for this responsibility, we suggest them the following resources, listed from the least to the most complex ones, which will help them to understand the challenges and opportunities of DiDIY:


DiDIY VOCABULARY KEYWORDS: DiDIY community, DiDIY organizational impact, DiDIY education


The parts of the DiDIY Guidance Manual about:

  • Safety, Ethics and Law (p. 19)
  • Product Safety and Liability (p. 35)
  • Rethinking Intellectual Property (p. 76)

Examples from the DiDIY POLICY PATTERNS wiki:

DiDIY Project Official Deliverables:

(particularly relevant sections of the DiDIY Knowledge Framework)

  • 1.1 DiDIY: a human-centric phenomenon
  • 3.2 DiDIY and the role of communities
  • 3.5 DiDIY and the role of ethics
  • 4.4 DiDIY in laws, rights and responsibilities