Project results

(this page lists both "general interest material" that synthesizes the findings of the DiDIY Projects and, right after that, all the official deliverables)

General interest material

Official deliverables

The documents below are the main formal outcomes of the Project, and present the results of the research activities of the Project team. These documents are public and freely downloadable in pdf format, being licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.

WP2 - Creating and maintaining a shared knowledge framework on DiDIY

WP3 - Analysing how DiDIY is reshaping organization and work

WP4 - Analysing how DiDIY is reshaping education and research

WP5 - Exploring the impact of DiDIY on creative society

WP6 - Exploring the impact of DiDIY on laws, rights and responsibilities

WP7 - Integrative Modeling, guidelines and tools for the transferability of results

WP8 - Dissemination, future roadmap and sustainability

WP1 - Project Management