Learning from the Cuban 'technological disobedience'

Figure 1. The +Lab corner with 3D printing facilities.

In this post we want to report some reflections drawn from an experience of reinterpretation of products intended purpose which may help to look at the digital DIY devices in a different way, with the aim of fostering people creativity and product innovation.

Design around Digital DIY

Amateurs committed to self-production (i.e. Do-It-Yourself or, simply, DIY) are reshaping the relationship between production and consumption. The spreading of this trend suggests scenarios in which non-professional people are, or will be, able to create artefacts. The socio-cultural changes fostered by the development of open-source and digital technologies have introduced a significant shift towards the revival of making and crafting, thus fostering creativity, sustainability and customization.

Settimana della Scienza Gallarate (Italy)

Settimana della Scienza Gallarate (Varese, Italy)  consists in one week of public initiatives and exhibits aimed at putting in contact science with students and citizens.   It involves schools, institutions, scientists, universities, research centers such as  SmartUp - Laboratorio Fabbricazione Digitale (Università Cattaneo – LIUC) which contributed with a lecture on digital innovation and start-up. All the attendees were involved in a survey on topics relevant to DiDIY project.

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The DiDIY Project

The DiDIY Project proposal addresses the call ICT 31-2014 Human-centric Digital Age of the Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies, Information and Communication Technologies Horizon 2020 work programme. This page synthesizes the definition of DiDIY from which the Project starts and its objectives, as well as the Project Partners and roadmap.