Are you a decision maker?

Digital Do It Yourself (DiDIY) is a more and more important socio-technological phenomenon in which the widespread, continuously growing availability of digital manufacturing devices, and of the related knowledge and data through open online communities makes new opportunities and threats emerge: from the job market to healthcare, and from education to recycling, every level and sector of society can, and will probably be in the future, influenced by Digital DIY.

Besides, while mainly a bottom-up phenomenon, Digital DIY would indeed greatly benefit from appropriate policies to diffuse its expected benefits across our society.

For these reasons, Digital DIY will also present deep challenges for existing laws and regulations, from intellectual property and school programs to consumer rights and product liability. This means that decision makers in all these fields, and many more, will have to know the nature and potential of Digital DIY, and take it into account in their work, both in the public and private sectors.

In this challenging context the DiDIY Project aims at:

  • setting a conceptual framework to explore the impact of Digital DIY;
  • producing information, models and guidelines to support education and policy making on Digital DIY that, while enabled by technology, should be driven by social and cultural strategies.