Digital DIY Community Day Barcelona

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Digital DIY-related technologies and social practices enable the low cost prototyping and manufacturing of physical artefacts from digital specifications.
The 6th of July we will discuss, share knowledge and seek ways to better understand its impacts on all areas of society. The overarching goals is to collectively prepare guidelines that can inform laws and public policies at EC, Member State and City levels.
The EC project on Digital DIY proposes this day with the community of local and international makers, researchers, teachers and policymakers. It is co-organised between the Digital DIY Consortium, Barcelona Activa and the City Hall's working group "Barcelona Colabora" (BarCola).
Open participation: (limited by capacity).
Location: MediaTIC/Cibernarium, C/Roc Boronat, 117, 2nd floor (Map)
Language: there will be simultaneaous translation between Spanish/Catalan and English to accomodate the participants.
Summary of the programme:
  • 9:30 registration
  • 10:00 Introduction to the workshops
  • 10:15 - 14:00 Co-creation Workshops
  • 14:00 - 15:30 Lunch together
  • 15:30 -  19:30 Conference programme
  • drinks & snacks: social event with Procomuns Meetup
Workshops (10:30 - 14:00):
  • up to 12 people per workshop
  • icebreaker (to get to know each other)
  • co-creation tools to make connections
  • starting point (inspiration) to apply on your project
  • general goal: obtain outputs that can inform public policies at EC and City level
We offer the following options (pending interest and final confirmation): (Register here!)
  1. co-creation workshop on policymaking on Digital DIY (facilitated by Mayo Fuster) (add notes to pad)
  2. co-creation workshop on Digital DIY and education (facilitated by POLIMI with participation of the Consortium d'Educació de Barcelona) (add notes to pad)
  3. co-creation workshop on Digital DIY and Open Business Models (co-led by POLIMI & FKI) (add notes to pad)
  4. co-creation workshop on Agile & Design Thinking for Digital DIY "research squads"  (facilitated by Enric Senabre) (add notes to pad)
  5. co-creation workshop on Open Source Circular Economy and eReuse (facilitated by David Franquesa, (add notes to pad)
Depending on registrations we could extend or combine various of the workshop options. Please use the registration form and/or the note pads to make any suggestions.
Conference (15:30-19:30): (use this pad)
  • 15:30 : Institutional opening by Alvarro Porro (director Other Economies and Proximity at Barcelona Activa)
  • 17:15 : coffee / tea break

After the conference there will be a social event with drinks and snacks, co-organised with the Procomuns meetup.

Organised by

Free Knowledge Institute

With the support of local partners: